Roommate Discussion

Discussion Point - Food / Shopping:
If you plan to share food, supplies, etc, you may want to consider an agreement about who is purchasing necessity things frequently (such as milk, bread, etc), and any rotation you may have for who will be supplying groceries or not. Be sure to identify any food allergies or medical conditions that may be an issue.

Discussion Point - Cleanliness / Cleaning Responsibilities:
Roommates should discuss what is acceptable to each other in regards to cleanliness of the suite, and the regular cleaning of areas. It is always a good idea to work out a rotating schedule as to who cleans what and when.

Discussion Point - Privacy:
Discuss times when you may know you will want privacy, and have a process for when other times come up - what the arrangement will be in order to maintain equality and respect.

Discussion Point - Sharing of Personal Items:
Talk to each other about what is appropriate to share and not share (i.e. dishes, utensils, books, clothing, computers, appliances, etc...). Discuss if you need to ask permission to use these things, and it is wise to set guidelines.

Discussion Point - Noise / Study Times:
Talk in advance about what your study habits and requirements are - in regards to TV or music, guests, activities in the suite, etc...come up with ways you can each promote a healthy study environment, and how you can help each other during exam times. Something else that is important is noise level in general, and what is appropriate during the week and on the weekends.

Discussion Point - Overnight Guests:
Consider how often you think you will have guests over and tell your roommate - also ask them how often they think they will have guests. Be sure to have a plan to effectively let each other know when one will have an overnight guest, and to politely let each other know when it is not okay to have overnight guests. This helps to maintain privacy, respect, and communication.

Discussion Point - Smoking, Drinking, Drugs:
Your drinking and extracurricular habits may affect your roommate without you knowing it. Residence is a non-smoking building, and drugs are prohibited, but it is important to make sure that everyone is on the same page about that. If one roommate is a smoker, good things to consider are ways to reduce the smell of smoke so it doesn't bother the other roommate(s).

Discussion Point - Parties / Entertainment:
Find out how much your roommate(s) is going to party and socialize in Residence, and tell your roommate(s) how much you want to party and socialize in Residence - this will help you find common ground and will make contribute to the enjoyable experience of living in Residence.